Compressed Air and Craft Beer

Bevcraft Group ordered the UK’s first Tonejet Cyclone direct-to-can digital printer to produce short runs of premium quality 330ml cans.


Ground breaking for craft beverage industry

The Bevcraft Group is a specialist process and packaging business primarily focused on craft and artisan beverage producers. Their purchase of the Tonejet Cyclone means craft brand owners have the ability to develop a market presence without the minimum order constraints of traditionally printed cans. The Cyclone end-to-end system is a total game changer in terms of can decoration for the craft market. It will provide a cost effective, environmentally sustainable alternative for decorating small can batches from 1 to 50,000 units. Crucially, it allows craft beverage producers, many of whom strive to be carbon-neutral, to cost-effectively can small batches without the use of plastic labels or sleeves which can be problematic to recycle.


Peterborough location for first Tonejet digital can printing plant in Europe

Bevcraft Group has selected Peterborough, as the perfect location to establish a new flagship digital can printing operation. The fast-growing ‘craft can’ specialist will invest over £4m in Peterborough over the next three years. Bevcraft Group have partnered with Cambridgeshire based Tonejet to commission what will be the very first such system in Europe. The Tonejet Cyclone C4 is the result of many years of extensive research and development into direct-to-can digital printing technology.

Tonejet grew out of TTP, the leading UK technology company

The Tonejet team has an extremely rare breadth of know-how in printhead physics, ink and coating chemistry, printer engineering and the vital inter-disciplinary niches that connect them. Compressed air is part of the process to deliver the industrial digital printing systems and Cambs Compressors are their specified partner. Their unique printhead and chemistry system is protected globally by over 200 patents. When TTP were looking for a compressed air company to work with, they needed a partner who could share their vision. They were recommended to Cambs Compressors and it has been a relationship which has grown from strength to strength. With a 30-year history of inkjet technology development, including working with many of the world’s leading OEMs. Bevcraft Group remains a wholly owned subsidiary of TTP Group.


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