Apprentice Field Engineers lead the digital revolution

Ethan Day and Jordan Baker are leading the way with the new digitised system, with Kirstie Turpin controlling operations at Cambs Compressors HQ.

Keeping on track to deliver the best Compressed Air solutions, support and maintenance

The new digital operations management system is being rolled out initially by our two apprentice field engineers. This is because they have grown up with a digital interface and intuitively understand how to navigate the system. Once fully tested, the system will be rolled-out to our experienced engineer team and the two apprentices will become our internal champions. This turns the table on the normal apprentice relationship with their colleagues but all agree its working really well.

The new system allows our engineers to have all the information they need at a mouse click, when on site.  Client’s compressed air system profile and history will be instantly accessible. The benefits are

  • Everyone has visibility
  • Quicker to quote
  • Links to inventory catalogue
  • Seamless transition to Job Bag
  • Customer assets & service log
  • Real-time trouble shooting with wider team

Better positioned to help customers

It means we'll be even better positioned to help customers receive the most efficient service levels.

The new system will make the administration and management process much more efficient. From routine maintenance schedules to responding to emergency call-outs and everything in between - the support team will have access to real-time information and be better equipped to support our customers. Engineers will have information at a click when on site, which means your compressed air system profile and history is instantly accessible. This should make planning visits and responding to issues much more efficient. Jobs are recorded instantly, which means company-wide communication is instant and any parts or components required can be ordered without delay. Because it’s tailored to the complexities and unique workflows of our business, it should enable us to provide even higher service levels as we can streamline operations.

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