In training for the cold water Swim

The water doesn't get much colder than the Upper Loch Torridon in January, where Mark and Annthea took a well-deserved break at the start of the New Year to catch up with family, after the past 18 months of restrictions.

30 years since Cambs Compressors was formed

Annthea was signed-up to swim 5.2 miles in the 2022 Chillswim Coniston Swim scheduled to take place in June, however this has now been rescheduled. Not to be deterred, Annthea wasn’t going to let the training swim go to waste. So the January swim in Loch Torridon, a sea loch on the west coast of Scotland in the Northwest Highlands has now become the perfect preparation for "The Dolly". The loch was created by glacial processes and is in total around 15 miles long - and Mark said he was sure the glacier hadn't melted as the water was that cold!

What is "The Dolly"

It’s the UK's greatest overnight social swim, it takes place at Activities Away in Lincoln, “The Dolly” is a night time swim challenge ….  starting at 9pm and finishing at 5am! Unlike the Chillswim it’s a continuous swim, with no set distance or speed. Applications are limited to those with experience in open water swimming, night swimming, cold water management and endurance events.

A cause we can support with this activity

It would be an opportunity missed if the event wasn’t used to raise money for a worthy cause. So, in our Spring 2022 newsletter we asked for nominations of a local cause to the area within which Cambs Compressors operates. The winning charity is Don’t Lose Hope. It’s a charity that offers a professional counselling service for all members of the community from age 4 upwards.  Based in Bourne, it is very local to Cambs Compressors and a great cause which needs all the support it can get. You can find out more at and please contact Annthea for any donations you wish to make.

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