Cambs Compressors 1992 - 2022

May 1992: Please Don't Go by KWS topped the music charts, John Major was Prime Minister, you only made calls on your mobile and I was driving a Ford Fiesta - having just started Cambs Compressors from my garage.

Who could have guessed what the next 30 years would bring

Bill Clinton was named as the Time Person of the Year after he defeated incumbent President George H. W. Bush. Back in 1992 the vast majority of people still had no idea what 'the Internet' was (Pipex was the UK's first commercial Internet provider and began providing dial-up Internet access in March 1992). Today we couldn't imagine life without the internet, and Cambs Compressors is moving to a fully online management system. We use WhatsApp video calls to trouble shoot and remote diagnose issues. Our website is the businesses shop window to the world, we have people working remotely in Santa Barbara and Thailand - and think this is normal.

In 1992 the Premier League was formed, war in Europe dominated headlines

Leeds United were the last Champions of the Football League First Division, and Howard Wilkinson remains the last English manager to win the English league. Which then fell into the second tier status of English football as the Premier League was created. Whilst in Europe, a war is continuing to rage on in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whilst the African country of Rwanda was experiencing horrific genocide. Unfortunately some things don't change and at the time of writing this, Russia have invaded Ukraine and the news coverage is focused on the human consequences of war.

The challenges of a Pandemic only made us stronger

The past 30 years have seen seismic shifts in how business operates, but no matter what the challenges faced, I'm proud to say we have overcome them. Our ability to adapt and change, combined with the fantastic team at Cambs Compressor and our marvellous, diverse customer base - has made it a pleasure!

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