Kirstie’s recipe for success in Cambs Compressors nerve centre!!!

With 23 years experience working in a Police Force Control Room, Kirstie has brought her organisational skills and calm management style to Cambs Compressors operations.

A can do attitude, experience and approachable

Anyone who has already had the pleasure of working or engaging with Kirstie at Cambs Compressors already will echo these qualities. Our business is very much a family and we look to build a long strong relationship within our team and our clients. Kirstie's career with the Police ended when her youngest child was born (now eight) and she started a more stable, non shift work role, working Monday to Friday. Never the less, working in the Oncology department for Cambridge University, Kirstie's role of Graduate Admissions Administrator meant she was responsible for all the Phd and MRes students course and work placements.

Attracted by the bright lights of London

The bright lights of the West End attracted Kirstie to an exciting new role (not to perform she hastens to add). The role was within a busy Real Estate Company administrating for the very successful Rate Account Management team. However, it wasn't long before the hours and the commute began to compromise the family time and she saw the advertisement for Cambs Compressors and knew that this was the role for her.  

The role excites me as I feel that being within a close knit team which is very supportive and it is one that I am very much suited to and also gives me an opportunity to grow and learn as well as support my colleagues in an industry which is seeming forever growing and evolving.

Kirstie Turpin Cambs Compressors

Kirstie Cakes and an expanding Cambs Compressors workforce!

Married to Nick, with 5 children, two dogs and a love of baking and cooking, Kirstie is fast becoming the mother hen at Cambs Compressors. With Kirstie's delicious homemade cakes now a regular feature in the office, many of her colleagues are worried about their increasing waistlines!

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