Moisture content controller for compressed air

Cutting edge moisture content controller for compressed air (DAC) developed by Cambs Compressors is a critical component of The National Center for Translational Medicine at Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai.

Ingenious SPT Labtech solution

SPT Labtech installed an ingenious automated low-temperature system, connecting 13 arktic XC units using novel pneumatic technology to transfer samples between different laboratories and floors. Cambs Compressors worked closely with TTP Labtech to develop a range of products and solve specific challenges for the arktic™ biobank. These included the DAC - Dry air controller, manufactured by Cambs Compressors and the silencer to reduced sound pollution; taking an existing product and modifying it to reduce the noise level by a further 20DB.

(DAC) developed by Cambs Compressors

Our cutting edge moisture content controller for compressed air (DAC) is an integral part of the arktic™ biobank. The moisture content controller shuts down the air supply if the moisture level exceeds the specified level, protecting the samples from possible contamination. The key to the DAC system is its size. It’s small enough to be incorporated within an OEM product design and is used by several OEM’s across the world, as well as SPT Labtech in the arktic™ Biobank.

Equipment to measure, control dry air quality and protect

DAC’s ensures your system has ’super dry air’ and if not it has the ability to control, even shut down the compressed air system if levels are exceeded. DAC’s is a core technology developed by Cambs Compressors to resolve issues with moisture, bacteria and other contaminates. Its applications have been diverse and include making cement and adhesives, bio, medical and pharma applications as well as hi-tech electronics manufacture.

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