Compressor Servicing

Regular compressor servicing will reduce total expenditure on maintenance over the lifetime of your compressor.


Air compressor servicing & preventative maintenance

Regular compressor servicing is at the heart of your air compressor preventative maintenance routine. If you want your air compressor and its attachments to last longer and perform with greater efficiency, then you need to engage in a preventative maintenance programme designed by a trained professional. Only with preventive maintenance can you ensure the machines will work hour by hour, day after day, and continue to operate to their full life expectancy.


Compressor servicing flexible payment options

Compressor Servicing solutions can be paid for in a variety of ways, such as pay as you go, monthly, quarterly or a yearly payment plan.

The 7 major benefits of an air compressor servicing agreement plan are:

   #1 - 10% reduction in the standard service hourly rates

    #2 - Access to our 24hr/365 days a year out of hours engineer service and support system

    #3 - Unlimited and friendly impartial telephone support 24/7

   #4 - Priority over non curent service plan customers

   #5 - Retention of equipment details with automatic reminders when equipment is due maintenance

   #6 - Updates and advice in changes of legislation where relevant

   #7 - Access to one free enrgy audit per year subject to system size

Air compressor servicing can include your HSE - Safety of Pressure Systems Check

We offer standard maintenance solutions that we can apply to your compressed air system or we can taylor make a maintenance solution to best suit your needs.

We achieve this by using our vast knowledge, experience, along with considerations in areas such as :

  •     Safety requirements
  •     Budget
  •     Flexibility of service visits due to your variable work load
  •     Age and reliability of your equipment
  •     Equipment work load
  •     Site conditions
  •     Seasonal factors
  •     Air quality
  •     Warranties
  •     Environmental conditions
  •     Current and up and coming legislation
  •     Your thoughts and individual needs
  •     Even your financial year implications, to name but a few


A preventative maintenance programme designed specifically for your compressed air system

Each compressed air system is unique, from the combination of components, pipelines and air distribution to how your operations utilise the compressed air energy source. Preventive maintenance consists of inspections of all consequential system components — some according to a daily schedule, others on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis — to ensure everything works as it should. If you detect problems early, you can take steps to rectify matters. This is why the preventative maintenance programme must be designed by a trained professional.


Cambs Compressors will design one to maximise your resources

Regardless of the size or scope of your compressor operation, it is vital to have someone within your team to oversee the more frequent preventive maintenance work on a timely and consistent schedule. The key parts to check include the filters, vents, belts and bearings, all of which could become troublesome to the system if dirt and grime build up. Applying and reapplying lubricant at timely intervals on all applicable parts of an air compressor. Cambs Compressors engineers will work with you to establish what you can take on, and design a checklist and schedule for the level and frequency of checks you are comfortable with. Optimising your resources and minimising maintenance costs by utilising your people to perform air compressor preventive maintenance in-house.

Preventive maintenance makes it possible to detect problems at an early stage

Preventive maintenance makes it possible to detect problems at an early stage before they do serious system damage and lead to costly repairs and downtime. A trained compressed air engineer can identify small hiccups that can cause irreversible damages to your system when not taken care of immediately. They can also perform the proper preventive maintenance measures to make sure your system is running at its best. Detecting problems at an early stage before they do serious system damage and lead to costly repairs and downtime.


Preventive maintenance involves low-cost measures that help avoid costlier situations

Unless your company is staffed with highly skilled personnel to handle maintenance tasks with air compressors, it is best to contact a professional for the following:

  •     System safety-shutdown inspections
  •     Motor replacement
  •     Relocation of large, heavy air compressors
  •     When you do not have qualified staff to work on your compressed air systems.
  •     When mechanical breakdowns occur.

When you hire a professional for these and other time-consuming and possibly dangerous tasks, it can help you save time and money and also ensure that the job is done properly. Moreover, professional maintenance ensures utmost safety for the more difficult aspects of the job.



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