Air Blow Gun UK Legislation

29th July 2019
Blow guns can be extremely dangerous, at present there are no specific UK legislation which governs their use – however, they are coming under increasing scrutiny and the use of an air blow gun is covered in UK legislation.
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Compressed Air in Food Manufacturing

22nd July 2019
Cambs Compressors were approached to provide a compressed air solution for an international engineering company who designs, manufactures and installs high quality food production lines.
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Neon Lights, Camera, Action

15th July 2019
When a business who started life as a film, television and music industry, specialising in the creation of sets and set-pieces for the likes of the BBC, ITV and Sony Entertainment needed a new compressor - who did they call?
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Evolution of compressed air management

6th May 2019
It is easy to assume that not much has changed in the world of compressed air systems, but product innovations and compressed air users’ new level of awareness about energy efficiencies are driving change continuously.
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New compressed air solution for hatchery expansion

28th March 2019
When the only independent hatchery in the UK had plans to expand production capacity; their facilities management company was tasked with seeking a compressed air company capable of designing, installing and supporting a system to supply the facility.
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Compressed Air, Triathlons and Supporting the Community

27th February 2019
A triathlon is about dedication, preparation and optimising efficiency, something which resonates with Cambs Compressors Managing Director Mark Fryer - and why he has committed to sponsoring the Belvoir Tri Club for the next 12 months.
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Boge Top New Distributor Award 2017-2018

27th December 2018
Whilst attending the Grand Opening event of BOGE UK at their new premises at Park Valley Mills, Mike Smith was surprised and delighted to be presented with BOGE UK Top New Distributor 2017-2018.
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Compressed Air Risk Assessment

7th November 2018
Compressed air is common place in commercial and institutional settings and is a vital contributor to productivity in the manufacturing and industrial landscape.
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25 years of Cambs Compressors 1993-2018

7th November 2018
Jurassic Park and Sleepless in Seattle were released at the movies, Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public for the first time and Cambs Compressors was launched by Mark Fryer with £350 and a second hand Mark 1 Ford Fiesta.
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