Air Compressor Sales & Services

6th September 2021
As a full-service compressed air specialist, we offer installation, maintenance, repairs (including emergency repairs), upgrades and decommissioning of compressors, dryers, filtration systems and air pipework.
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Open Ventilator System Initiative

19th July 2021
A new ventilator and oxygen concentrator created in Cambridge will help potentially help serve hundreds of millions of people treat patients third world countries.
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Approved Specialist Distributors of Compressed Air Systems

14th June 2021
Extensive experience in designing compressed air systems, installing complete solutions and developing niche products to solve clients problems. It means we've built a portfolio of brands with whom we work with and can provide the best solution for you.
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Compressed Air Equipment Sales

3rd May 2021
Whether you need a single air compressor, an air dryer, filtration, oil water separator, controller system either individually or an entire system, we will find the right solution for you.
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Compressed Air Maintenance Services

19th April 2021
Cambs Compressors offer both ad-hoc servicing and as well as preventative maintenance service plans. If you want your air compressor and its attachments to last longer and perform with greater efficiency.
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Cambs Compressors Free Assessment

12th April 2021
Cambs Compressors engineers can provide you with an expert assessment free. System safety survey & energy audits will identify inefficient equipment, maintenance procedures, and recommend low cost/no cost measures to reduce cost such as leak detection.
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Cambs Compressors Covid update

22nd February 2021
As we enter the winter period with concerns over spikes in the disease and the glimmer of hope of new vaccines, Cambs Compressors are taking every precaution to keep everyone as safe as possible.
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New fully fitted Cambs van

15th February 2021
Cambs Compressors engineers’ vehicles will all be replaced with specialist van conversion to create more efficient storage and a mobile workspace.
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Air Compressor Troubleshooting

18th January 2021
When your compressor fails, time is of the essence, which is why Cambs Compressors have developed video conferencing trouble shooting using WhatsApp.
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The Risk of COVID in Compressed Air

11th January 2021
The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) is reiterating its advice to compressed air users to adhere to air treatment best practice during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Better Systems to give you Better Service

4th January 2021
2020 has driven all businesses forward and seen the adoption of digital technologies become mainstream over night. The efficiencies and costs savings were secondary to finding a way to do what was needed to carry on during the pandemic.
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