The Risk of COVID in Compressed Air

11th January 2021
The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) is reiterating its advice to compressed air users to adhere to air treatment best practice during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Better Systems to give you Better Service

4th January 2021
2020 has driven all businesses forward and seen the adoption of digital technologies become mainstream over night. The efficiencies and costs savings were secondary to finding a way to do what was needed to carry on during the pandemic.
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Craig Turner Remembers

11th November 2020
Remembrance Day on 11 November was marked by Cambs Compressors Service Manager Craig Turner, who as ex-forces has good reason to pay his respect.
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Charles River Laboratories Fighting COVID-19

9th November 2020
Cambs Compressors client Charles River are a company dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and responded rapidly and collaboratively to try to develop prophylactic and therapeutic agents to prevent and treat COVID-19 infections.
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High quality air for labs and research

2nd November 2020
Cambs Compressors – more than maintenance, experts in developing innovative air systems for the highest quality requirements for application-oriented solutions for laboratories.
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Optimising your compressed air system

18th May 2020
Compressed air is one of the most expensive utilities in an industrial plant. It is a fact that compressed air is a poor way to transmit energy to an industrial machine or tool if you want superior efficiency.
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Eco-friendly with oil-free air compressors

4th May 2020
Interested in becoming more eco-friendly? Oil-free industrial air compressors are both efficient and environmentally friendly because they consume less energy as they compress air and do not emit or produce any harmful or hazardous waste.
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How do you size air lines?

27th April 2020
Figuring the correct pipe size for your compressed air distribution system is an important task. Pipe that is sized too small can create big pressure losses and reduce operating efficiency.
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Compressed Air - a dogs life!

28th February 2020
Pastie the Springer Spaniel joins Cambs Compressors as welfare officer, her role is simple, make people happy, healthy and bring a little fun into the office.
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