Avelair Ltd

Avelair Ltd are a locally based supplier (Bury St Edmunds) and actually the only true UK screw and gas compressor manufacturer.
The reason we have remained partnered with Avelair Ltd since 1994, is the full range of compressed air products are excellent, as is the personal service that the Avelair team supply. This enables us to maintain and pass on an excellent service to our Avelair products that our customers use.
The ¾ of an hour trip from our HQ to Avelair’s HQ enables us to take a quick trip down the road or even meet half way to enable us to access spares directly from the manufacturer quickly and efficiently.
(The onion story is an example where the service experienced, could not have been beaten by any other manufacturer.)




The British Compressed Air Society

Founded in 1930, the British Compressed Air Society is the only UK technical trade association open to manufacturers, distributors and end users of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools and allied products.

Our role is to provide unbiased advice on legislation, technical standards, education, compliance, safety and environmental matters that affect suppliers and users of compressed air and vacuum systems. 


Compair Hydrovane

Compair Hydrovane Are based in Redditch where they manufacture the Hydrovane rotary vane air compressor. The Hydrovane product has been manufactured for many generations and has proven the test of time for reliability, return on investment and also the ability to work in some very tough environments that other air compressors struggle in.
Because the manufacturer is Midlands based, the spares can be obtained quickly enabling us to turn around compressor spares requests quickly and efficiently.


ERP power products Ltd

ERP build a full range of reciprocating (Piston) compressors in Hull. Their range of heavy duty industrial compressors are often supplied to OEM’s in different colours and under different names but inside beats a reliable, solid quality ERP compressor. Having dealt with ERP since 1993 the product quality speaks for itself and the service and support is second to none.




We are qualified to work on equipment that contains fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases) covered by the EU’s 2014 F gas regulation.

We are qualified to carry out any of the following types of work on refrigeration systems.

  • installation

  • maintenance

  • leak checking

  • recovering refrigerant gases

  • decommissioning and disposal



Nano Purification systems Ltd

Nano Purification systems Ltd are a UK manufacturer, manufacturing desiccant dryers, filters, N2 gas generators and oil water separators in Gateshead. Nano fit nicely with the Cambs ethos, supporting us in the UK and the US markets. The products that Nano manufacture in the north east, are better in quality and technology, supporting Cambs with spare parts and service second to none.




SafeContractor maintain a contractor list to ensure every contractor has the correct qualifications and sufficient processes to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and customers whilst working on your business premises.


Walker Filtration Ltd

Walker Filtration Ltd are a UK supplier who manufacture desiccant dryers and filtration systems in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Cambs have had a long history with Walker filtration who support us where we have customers in Europe and Asia. The products that Walker filtration manufacture in the north east, are excellent in quality and the support and spares are available quickly and efficiently.


Sometimes not everything can be sourced from the UK, so we have to look further afield. On this note we have established long term relationships with the following suppliers who have a strong presence in the UK in the form of quantity of reliable products that are being used in the UK, but also the scale of the operations they run out from in the UK that support Cambs compressors.


BEKO Technologies Ltd

BEKO Technologies Ltd Are based in Redditch where they distribute a very high quality range of German engineered compressed air treatment products. Having worked alongside Beko Technologies for many years, we have grown a relationship because as a manufacturer, the spares can be obtained quickly enabling us to turn around compressor spares requests quickly and efficiently.



BOGE Are based in Huddersfield where they distribute a very high quality range of German engineered compressed products, these include a full range of screw, scroll, turbo and piston compressors, also air treatment. Having worked alongside BOGE since 2015, we have grown a relationship based on the support given and the quality of the product.


BAMBI Air compressor Ltd

Bambi Air Compressors Ltd are a Birmingham based compressor manufacturer who were established in 1977. BAMBI enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality after-sales care and service.
Dedicated to the manufacture of innovative and meticulously engineered products, their extensive range of compressors is second to none. BAMBI are committed to the very highest standards of customer satisfaction through their distributor network.


BCAS compressed air partners



The European committee of manufactures of compressors, vacuum pumps and pneumatic tools. BCAS is secretariat for a number of Pneurop committees and Chair of the National Secretaries.



CAGI Compressed air and Gas Institute (est 1915)

The US association representing manufacturers of compressed air system equipment, including air compressors, blowers, pneumatic tools and air and gas drying and filtration equipment. CAGI and BCAS work closely on international standards development.



Health and Safety Executive

BCAS works with H&SE in identifying non-complaint products and ensuring safety of compressed air equipment, especially with respect to noise and vibration of pneumatic tools.
HSE publications:



Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is an independent not for profit company set up by the UK Government to help UK business and public sector cut carbon emissions, and also supports the development of low carbon technologies.




WRAP works in the space between governments, businesses, communities, thinkers and individuals to forge powerful partnerships and deliver initiatives to support more sustainable economies and society.



Virtual College

Founded in 1995, Virtual College is one of the UK's leading providers of total solutions within the e-learning arena. It hosts both BCAS online training courses: "Working Safely with Compressed air" and "Compressed air Technology"




SKILLcard registers the skills and competence of people working throughout the mechanical services sector of the building services engineering industry. BCAS has worked with HVCA (who own SKILLcard) to produce 3 cards for compressed air personnel available from January 2006.
SKILLcard Helpdesk



British Standards Institution (BSI)

BSI was the world’s first national standards body and remains a leading global standards maker. It is the UK’s National Standards Body, representing UK interests worldwide.



International Standards Organisation (ISO)

BCAS chairs a variety of ISO working groups to represent UK and European interests in standards development for the compressed air industry



Trade Association Forum

BCAS is a member of the Forum which provides BCAS with a range of services and activities designed to assist it in the strategic development and day to day running of the organisation.


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